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  • Backgammon Gold Download

    Backgammon Gold V 4.2.1

    There is an issue playing against the computer (hard) Computer is not optimising its own..

  • LUDO Blitz! Download

    LUDO Blitz! V 1.6

    It’s not fair that it brings me out when I’m already in and then ppl..

  • GrandChase M Download

    GrandChase M V 2.6.0

    Is there a bug in oxygen os nougat? It just says loading then nothing happens…

  • Bonbon Cakery Download

    Bonbon Cakery V 1.4.8

    Great, simple game! The controls are simple and graphics are very cute. You can create..

  • All-Star Basketball Download

    All-Star Basketball V

    This game is waaaaayyyyyyyy better than NBA live mobile because it doesn’t start over without..