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  • Brick Classic Download

    Brick Classic V 1.8

    Holy sht man you cannot pop Ad in full screen mid game. Fml!! Are you..

  • Dominoes Puzzle Download

    Dominoes Puzzle V 3.0

    I like the game itself, but it has a few glitches. Most of the time..

  • Indy Cat for VK Download

    Indy Cat for VK V 1.37

    With a title like Indy Cat, I was expecting an Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider style adventure..

  • Roofbot Download

    Roofbot V 2.0.3

    I understand ads, but this is pathetic! A 30 second ad every other minute is..

  • Giant Escape Download

    Giant Escape V 1.2.1

    Only played free levels. Great concept with realistic solutions for the puzzles. Was not very..

  • Egg Shoot Download

    Egg Shoot V 5.6

    Starting on galaxy pocket in 2012 and now it’s one of the most played games..