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views: 202 publish: September 09, 2016

Here is the handheld game (PSP, GBA, NDS), console (PS, Xbox, DC, arcade), PC and Mac port (or reset, engraved) to the Android platform, but also a small amount of the first mobile platform then ported to the console or PC platforms.

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a very beautiful picture, a scene comparable to the Disney cartoon movie RPG SLG game. Although the game screen is very beautiful, but it’s a beautiful picture of how it’s world there is more desolate: sun slouch across the sky, like a rolling hills and a slum neighborhood, dear and beloved characters you like them after a few minutes have been killed. It is no secret of death, the story of extreme cruelty, smile role is also very rare. Whether the story or combat, the game allows players to have kind of a kind of breathless tension in the game, players can experience the called despair.




BombSquad had MAC is a popular attraction on the arena battle game! In bombsquad world, you can choose a character to play against the most 4v4 maps are very small, but this is fun, all of them huddled together, too easy to fall off. You can also raise other thrown down. Initially you can only throw bombs, bombs and click click lifted thrown out. You can cite a bomb will explode exactly when landing, throwing remember when we must run, otherwise it will throw in his foot. The game screen is remarkable, specially rendering and image shift processing, so that scenes like most of your home miniature blocks and modeling clay. Rich and natural action figures, raised dust explosion is very realistic. The best is the physical effects. Will appear on the map at any number of boxes is different bombs, there are sticky bomb (stick to the enemy), playing touch (touchdown exploded), frozen shells, as well as mines. Content of the game is also very rich, in addition to the classic game modes, as well as capture the flag mode, soccer mode and so on, the other holding a banner to you this way, you can punch rush to solve the problem. Bomb squad support eight local network connection, so all your friends can join and act together. You can also use your phone or tablet as an extra controller. They blowed!



Templar Battleforce RPG

Templar Battleforce uses a fantasy style design, a large robot these Knights Templar are actually a kind of personal control. In the game, players will control the Templars to complete the assigned task, the task of which is to eliminate most of the variation of various monsters, unlock puzzles, but as the game will challenge players to advance powerful Boss. Game scene which is still very large, the content is also very rich, the player can also be managed for the Knights Templar, but also build some buildings to help fight the monster.




Machinarium is a decryption adventure game, the player can freely walk around in the city, with the same scene, or other robots interact, understand their needs and help them, step by step, to explore the core of the event.



This War of Mine

This War of Mine is a transfer from the critically acclaimed PC game, you can now feel the tragic war in the Android tablet and TV. Some game text display is relatively small, the phone may not be displayed clearly.



These are we collect 5 best platform migration games for android, if you have any suggestions for us, please let us know in the comments.