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views: 243 publish: July 18, 2016

It depends on the car. Some lower class cars are nippy, have amazing acceleration, and sharp turning. For them the toughest tracks are those which have long straights, fewer jump opportunities to top up the nitro. The acceleration advantage is lost after a couple of hundred metres and those bigger cars will pass you more easily. Monaco is the toughest of these – no jumps – few boosts. You need to plan the race carefully and strategically – drifting to boost your nitro when you are ahead – timing your perfect nitro so that you always stay out of knockdown – never miss a bottle – smash lampposts when you can. Monaco is easy to drive – but makes for a tough race.

Sector 8 and Reverse are difficult tracks which seem to catch a lot of people out. The tunnels are slippery and its hard to control the car. Personally these are my best tracks, it takes practice to perfect the route and get the car under control. But there are lots of places it can wrong.

A lot of people find Iceland difficult because when you go into the caves it’s dark and hard to distinguish the walls from the tunnel. There’s also a slight glitch while the game loads this section.


Crash, are Asphalt 8: Airborne method of passing the high frequency of appearing. In the race I often see the emergence of the phenomenon of crash, a lot of people the vehicle baseline performance better than others, so take advantage of each other when there is no injection of nitrogen to nitrogen gas suddenly hit him, let the other car temporarily destroyed. The really good idea, but how to crash, it is also a science.

Why do I say? I do not know if you are not found in the trailer and the game Tips were repeatedly refers to “the other side of the vehicle from above the spending, give them a fatal blow,” This move is not practical, and we are the most commonly used rear-end after a successful formula method crash crash that he always wore ass destroyed the vehicle, so as to obtain a large number of stall.

Take a good hit by a car, we must first be familiar with Asphalt 8: Airborne crashes methods.

Asphalt 7 crash highlighted the top extrusion and injection line of fire, that is to say if you do not have sufficient amount of nitrogen discharged FireWire, his opponent pushed him against the wall and then rub a few seconds, and then successfully destroy the opponents. Asphalt 8: Airborne in this move, although there are, but because of the crash of nitrogen becomes very simple, combined with track conditions become more volatile, so this trick does not also become common. Here we approach the most important is the rear side —- your car around to the rear side of the opponents of the vehicle, then squeeze it to the top of the direction of play.

This method is the most scientific method of the crash, but also the most classic method of speed racers everywhere flooding the US police arrest. Why is it science, because when you squeeze the top of the opponent, the opponent will rear shifted, then the opponent will be forced under high speed drift began, the dynamic balance of the vehicle will be greatly affected. But the key is that this method does not directly cause your vehicle too much damage, and even falling fast negligible.



In Asphalt 8: Airborne, this trick becomes more brutal. If you are nitrogen, even if just a little bit, then you are on top of the rear side of the opponent, as long as lightly spray opponents hung up. And if you do not have nitrogen, after playing round on top of the opponent, the opponent’s car abruptly breaking cross over, he is not waste that is stalling. Application of this method allows you to stall the minimum, not destroy any rival car crash risk status.You can download the game began to play.