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Now people file backup and synchronization of demand has become increasingly intense. Like Dropbox cloud storage network drive as there are many, but they all have one limitation is that all documents had to transit through their servers, limited space provided.

BTSync is a free cross-platform file synchronization software! It does not require third-party server to allow direct synchronization between multiple computers and share files with each other, and the whole AES encryption.


BTSync for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Through a web interface, it can run on NAS devices.

1, download and install
Because of extensive Windows and Mac platforms, and is very easy to get started, you can download BTSync.

2,BitTorrent Sync mode of operation is very simple:

After successfully installing the software, the user can set one or two synchronized folder, then you will receive a bunch of 21-byte codes, this string copy verification code to the user you want to sync up the device so that you can use these devices are linked up.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that the process does not require any third-party shared synchronized media, and the maximum amount of storage will only sync files to your hard drive by the decision.

It is reported that this tool does not yet have version control and backup management functions, but the user can select some additional means, for example, and Time Machine backup software, etc. used together.


3,Synchronization with Dropbox and other network disk type distinction:

file transfer:
Dropbox will first upload files to its server, even if the computer is turned off, the other computers can also be synchronized, because the file is downloaded from the cloud back
BTSync no server is directly synchronized, so the computer has the file must be switched between the computer to be synced to other computers to
File Sharing:
Dropbox we need to have an account, by account number for file sharing
BTSync by sharing key document, we all need to install the client
File size limit:
Dropbox has a total capacity restrictions
BTSync size limit depends on your computer’s hard drive capacity
Multi-folder synchronization support:
Dropbox only synchronize a specific folder
BTSync can synchronize multiple arbitrary different folders


BTSync advantages and disadvantages:

The biggest advantage in that it does not require third-party server with almost no storage space and traffic restrictions. Since BTSync use BitTorrent is a protocol P2P synchronization tools, transmission speed is basically limited only by the user’s network bandwidth constraints, it can support more than one person simultaneously, and the more people to synchronize a folder, synchronization faster. It supports multiple platforms, you can share key documents.

BTSync deficiencies that have computer files needs to be online in order to sync to other computers. And thanks to a protocol similar to BT, and therefore disabled BT download some scenes may be affected. In addition, Dropbox will be provided with a file version archives, files can be restored to a previous version if necessary, and BTSync there is no such function.


Of course, BTSync not versatile product, nor is it intended to replace Dropbox, but as a different type of supplement. It does not require an intermediate server features easier to use at some point, you can according to their usage scenario to choose between normal and synchronous network disk BTSync.