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views: 190 publish: July 18, 2016

Today peacetime, there are some difficult things Causing loss of lives, and the world of the fights of more stringent control, so some had “impulse” character of the players, the game can only express yourself remaining energy. Today, this “Miami Crime Vice Town”, we will take to the streets to carry out criminal activities, but also to escape from the police, to establish their own gang in the metropolis, becoming prominent Wal underground king.


Crime kind of game is not too rare, I believe many players are aware there is a section called “Grand Theft Auto” works now, with this as it has a lot in common. Games on the screen using the 3D engine production, and the authenticity of the whole picture is not very good, although there are tall buildings, busy, but building Ye Hao, Ye Hao character, is a relatively pale paper style, lack of real life heavy and mellow, and there is not much to speak of realism. We live in and it is not a bustling metropolis, is more like a remote town in general, less than vehicular and pedestrian street, no bustling metropolis with some of the excitement, the lack of angry town is indeed difficult to shock people from the desire to conquer.


Operation of the game using a joystick and button combination, and joined the full-screen multi-touch mode of operation, we are walking in the street when the joystick can control the direction, and the lower right corner of the attack button jump button; when we rush to the car when the vehicle they can use the joystick to control the steering of the vehicle, the lower right corner this time is automatically set to accelerate and reverse, when the two operations, slide your finger down on the screen can control the viewing direction. Actually, the “Grand Theft Auto” This type of game is to work on the PC side, now insist been hand swim up, hand travel convenience is undeniable, but the picture quality must have a choice, so the picture is not good, and that type the game since the operation itself is relatively complex, so the phone touch screen control them fluency does not guarantee that this is the limitations of the phone itself, the players do not like the rivalry too seriously.


Games we can hijack the vehicle into the street, and then go for a drive in their own city, you can also attack pedestrians on the road, they will kill you can get the money, as the saying money is totally unacceptable, money players in order to buy more weaponry, more resources convenience. Of course, in addition to the criminal activities of extreme, we could also use this as a living resort town, where normal life work. I have to say though few pedestrians on the street is a small town, but the police did a lot, and even can be said to be everywhere, as long as we have a crime, the police will gather over the town to hunt. Want to escape the police chase hard after all, the town is too small, even if the players themselves say good driving skills, you can throw off the police a few blocks, you would have to have so many streets job on such a big point total places to which run. So small series is recommended to do a law-abiding citizen better.


The game uses a free adventure mode, after entering the game and did not prompt the main story or mission, players have to do is based on their own ideas battles in the city, criminal or, behaved worth mentioning are the players choice. Games open and free experience of the process, so that players can choose their own way of life, everyone’s life is different, and we care about other people’s opinion unnecessary, as long as they like flies satisfaction.


“Miami Crime Vice Town” is an urban action adventure game, players will enter a town, where the start of a wonderful life. The game uses 3D engine production, the openness of freedom allows players to live freely in the town, including a number of criminal acts is also possible, of course, if the crime will be a small town police. Operation difficulty of the game is relatively large, and sometimes need to convert various players in a timely manner to control the job you are interested to download it quickly.