» Pokemon Go already bigger than Tinder, soon to surpass Twitter

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views: 188 publish: July 11, 2016


Pokemon Go is kind of turning out to be more than just a mobile game. The AR offering from Niantic is on-pace to become a full-blown social phenomenon. During its first weekend live, the iOS and Android app complete outstripped the popular dating app Tinder, and it’s currently on course to overtake Twitter. And it’s not even available in all regions yet.

Within two days of launch, Pokemon Go was installed on fully 5 percent of all US Android devices, more than doubling Tinder’s now-paltry 2 percent claim. According to internet analysts at Similarweb, there are now currently almost as many people wanting to be the very best like no one ever was as there are daily active Twitter users. Researchers believe that Pokemon Go’s active usership may soon exceed Twitter’s. That’s pretty incredible.

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What’s more is that engagement on Pokemon Go is through the damn roof. 60 percent of users who install the app are active users, and currently the average Pokemon Master uses the app an average of 43 minutes, 23 seconds a day. That’s more than Facebook Messenger,Snapchat, Instagram, and Whatsapp, all former titans in the app engagement category.

The interest in Pokemon Go has seen Nintendo’s stock skyrocket. Bloomberg reports that Nintendo’s 20 percent boost in stocks means that they have experienced the best one-day move since the launch of the original Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1983.

I absolutely love Pokémon and collected the cards for years when I was little and played the crap out of the Gameboy games. But all this hype and love for Pokémon Go just doesn’t make sense to me. Yeah it’s a cool concept and gets people to go outside but it is so horribly optimized and feels nothing like the actual Pokémon games. You do not have to weaken Pokémon before capturing them which makes it very underwhelming when you catch one. Also, the battling system is nothing like traditional Pokémon games and it is extremely boring. I know the game just came out and there are bound to be a LOT of updates in the future that will hopefully fix all of this, but with the state that the game is in now I just don’t understand how it can be so popular.