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views: 228 publish: July 14, 2016

Shadow Fight 2 fame in Facebook, from “Everybody bored when rubbed,” and now “should be rubbed something right,” the second-generation mobile phone version, Shadow Fight 2 game indeed rise higher and higher, to “serve as CEO, win married white Fu-mei …… “this stay. Game background story of a few rival Wu Chi, in order to find an exciting and valuable fighting traveled the continent, and finally found the legendary Shadow door and opened it – yes, this is the game to begin a.


After the door demon from another world it seems isolated for a long time, a moment out of the Bay, all the blame on the vices of the hero who put his Jiaoqu torn to pieces, and he tortured his soul into a shadow. Ever since, unwilling to do shake M Wu Chi finally his own urine small universe burst out, embarked on his release demons one by one hit the road back home.


Game broadly divided into “Hero rebirth”, “Long March”, “trail”, “Revenge”, “the greatest temptation” and “Jagged politics” six regions, each region were “Lynx”, “hermit”, ” butcher “,” Hornet “,” widow “,” general “one of the six demons ruled the player needs to defeat all the demons of a bodyguard, and finally defeat the devil, plainly, is the first small to beat the old nature will come out, catch a meal beat.


As to Zouren, fist kung fu natural and ultimately, the game uses two-button control, there are eight common direction and cross button punches, each a foot button, in order to help you get started, the game is no longer King of Fighters Street Fighter like these old-timers, like these button on the lower conjure dozens of sets of tricks to, but do not underestimate, much routine, but also the degree of freedom can in no way inferior, forward fist, back fist, feet on the front ramp, rear ramp offal, each attack moves can integrate into fighting, and depending on the moves of the enemy derived from different effect or beat effects – enemy jump, somersault before I go to kick the enemy squatting, I flip to the same trick, “force pulling Sunward step on the turtle. ” Also in the course of this fighting, the game also has a fatal attack to determine, such as sweep Church leg sweep the enemy crouched, if just threw a punch in the head, his head will not explode, close-up greatly and instant off length or the blood of a loved reflects the situation – it’s crucial that you be “no intention” beat.

In addition to fists, the game also offers more than 20 sets of armor and weapons to the player of their choice and combination, as well as long-range weapons and magic, and even customize the skill tree, so that we cultivate a role of preference.


If you kick the devil that was not enough, you can choose championship, duel and survival of these three variants are tricks to find pleasure play mode, similar rules anyway, this is not nonsense, leaving everyone into the game to experience it.


Of course there is a little thing to mention, these three models are an important way to earn money, loose money means a lot of weapons and equipment.


As an arcade style fighting game, “Shadow Fight 2” to achieve a “smooth fight against flu,” this standard, fighting games are played almost no part can be picky, diverse equipment, spells and abilities in the tree than Fighters, but also for the game adds RPG elements to develop. But for the overall experience of the game, we can still have an improved game called “Shadow” fighting, the protagonist is the shadow, you can also do from weapons to the enemy clothes are all a shadow, right? Encounter a weaponry are the same enemies, fighting to turn left and right roll jumping up and down, Barbara is from the inside out “labeled a”, and as a moderate hand disability, mild eye disabled players, hoping in the future patch to see improvement in this regard.