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views: 188 publish: July 12, 2016

The sun rises, the sun still, day after day I awoke from his sleep

The brain a mess, I need to be picked up

A cup of coffee meditative gas or permission

Today, however, did not familiar with that cup of hot coffee on the table

There seems to be a what forget

Oh, by the way, is that they – is my lost wallet and keys on the table

This is a made of AstrogradeLab team the Shard of Memories “in first few games storyline. Game at first glance is a simple puzzle game, however, will be a complete story into 91 levels, its presentation and the play was very interesting and unique, let a person willing to killing time in this simple jigsaw puzzle, taste to narrate a complete story.

Jigsaw puzzle game ideas come from, but just copy the pattern of the jigsaw puzzle and game is difficult to show their own characteristics, in the team may be making a sloppy people accidentally break the glass fragments, unexpectedly let they jump inspiration, through the debris found another profession. So they overthrew the jigsaw puzzle of design before painting, with this element as raw materials, to join the story again, to the fragmentation of, at the same time to set these sentences related scenes and objects, and according to the objects in the scene silhouette, use of debris around, piece together a complete pattern. To this, the producer said, if the player can’t from the shape of a silhouette identify items, then this time design is a big failing.

The process of the game is very simple, the player can quickly by silhouette items and simple sentence formation scenario to know the story. Surprisingly, however, this is a game from simple sentences with jigsaw puzzle game, there are multiple endings. Production team, I think don’t want to difficult players through difficulty high level, but I hope players will enjoy the process of memories together, and finally found the end of the story. It is important to note that in the process of patchwork design, and always remember to wear headphones, because in the game specially invite composer Peda reminding this time the game creation concert tour has a wonderful feeling, almost let people seem to produce a time of solidification in the illusion, for the moment, is full of aesthetic feeling beyond imagination.

It is because the game is very simple, so everything in the game to show the simplest state. However, how to present concise interface is express story? Production team made on picture design difficult. So they try to enlarge the key scenes in an item, blur, and the related items in glass pieces spy scene makes, until finally can piece together a complete design to see this blur the outline of the scene. In addition, the game design the photo wall style memories of the chain, players side sliding, one side will appear before the experience of the scene, the memory use picture frames and simple statements. This design idea is, after all, be made to the rest of the team, and became everybody saw in the game.

The Shards of Memories Jigsaw “this game this is not so much a puzzle puzzle, though this is a review of a memory. Because when we try to want to find ever forgotten memories, often come up in the brain is just a word and a few simple little affectations, watching gradually recover, that year, those people, those things, is quietly emerging in the memory.