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views: 248 publish: July 14, 2016

Stickman series of games is a very classic type, most of the action, shooting works mainly, simple lines can show the character of various extreme physical actions, which is to be as such, stickman series has received a player ‘s favorite. Today, this “Stickman Revenge 3” is the theme of Matchstick Men parkour game, but which also added a lot of action fighting elements.


As always, the game screen using reverse color performance, the background can be seen a variety of towering peaks, lush jungle, rundown towns, etc., and the prospects are all in dark colors to render, including the ground, jumping, various monsters with us the protagonist and the like. In fact, the reverse is not too rare color game, “Stickman Revenge 2” is true, have to say that the reverse colors foreshadowing better highlight the type of Stickman protagonist aura.


In the main game Parkour, players click on the bottom left of the screen to control the Stickman jump, also joined the battle action link in the lower right corner of the screen has a normal attack button and the button skills, players click to use weapons to attack appeared in front of enemy. Operation of the game is not easy, especially in parkour process to avoid various obstacles, but also to attack enemies on the ground or in the air, players need both hands with the tacit understanding can be achieved, but fortunately there are a variety of skills to full power for the whole fighting has become a lot easier.


Game for the players to provide three roles, each with a weapon skills are different, of course, behind the role of attack is certainly stronger, but require players to unlock a lot of gold. The emergence of different roles, in addition to the players to provide a greater variety of fighting games are played outside, but also to the players to bring a goal, this made the hero and no IAP to unlock the way, but with gold coins can be unlock, so players only need to continue to challenge the collection of gold coins, gold coins can always save enough to unlock them. Compared to a lot of games whenever they pop up within the terms of purchase, “Stickman Revenge 3” can be said to be made of conscience.


The game also for the players to provide a pet system, we can also unlock various pets by gold, different pets have different bonuses, players can choose to cooperate with the hero pets into battle, you can get a larger bonus benefit. Pet system is a lot of modern parkour game classic common content, the operation will also follow the trend of the times, will join the battle pet, allow players to challenge the road is no longer alone.


Stickman Revenge 3 A endless challenge mode, players need to do is to survive as long as possible to go further. Although this work is an endless challenge, but after a period of distance will appear BOSS enemy, when the enemy after defeating BOSS world will enter a different background. BOSS emergence can greatly inspire the players desire to fight, but every once in a while experience different backgrounds, from different visual challenges players to experience, it also allows players to have a greater interest in continuing challenge to go .


Stickman Revenge 3” is a classic series of Stickman Parkour action fighting game, we will control the stickman hero running forward, and destroy the enemies along the way with their weapons. The game screen with a reverse color style of presentation, highlighting the characteristics of Stickman protagonist, while fighting all kinds of ornate swords, let the game give players a strong visual impact. Game Challenge Procedure To use normal attacks and skills to fight each other, the traditional parkour challenge compared to the much more difficult, we have the confidence to challenge the players to try it.