» Teach players to play “Pokémon Go” how to cheat time, a better experience gaming.

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views: 250 publish: July 11, 2016

As a location-based augmented reality mobile games, “Pokémon Go” obviously want players to get out more. However, some people just “do not take the unusual way”, even by means of unmanned aerial vehicles to “cheat.” It is reported that the players will be his Android device and a large Jiang Phantom drone tied together, then “AirDroid” This application will mirror your phone screen to the laptop. But it also caused a lot of people unhappy, why should it be so opportunistic?


Are acts like the figure shown in this determination is cheating?




Clearly, the vast majority of players are despised such behavior (be careful of other players to set up a deal with you to the Rockets).

In addition, this man, you are not forgotten also called “Android location Simulator” tool?