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  • Cardboard Download


    It features guided tours of places like the planet Earth, the city of Versailles, and..

  • قنادر جزائرية و دشاديش عراقية Download

    قنادر جزائرية و دشاديش عراقية

    قنادر جزائرية و دشاديش عراقية هو تطبيق يهتم بجديد فساتين البيت و المنزل و كذلك الفساتين العربية و الجزائرية و العراقية التقليدية و كذا يوفر لك مجلات الخياطة مثل مجلة لميس

  • Touch Controls Kit Download

    Touch Controls Kit

    This asset is a powerful, flexible and intuitive to use touch kit, allows you to quickly and easily develop actions based on a touchscreen. Create any touch controllers,

  • Camera Block -Anti spy-malware Download

    Camera Block -Anti spy-malware

    • Block, disable and secure phone camera and protect your privacy from spyware.• App temporary register and block all camera resources and disable access to cam

  • MPAndroidChart Example Download

    MPAndroidChart Example

    This is the example application for the MPAndroidChart chart library / graph library on GitHub: is designed to create beautifu

  • Custom Toolbar animation Download

    Custom Toolbar animation

    Custom Toolbar title animation and indicator of ViewPagerInspired by

  • Numix Developers: AppIntro Download

    Numix Developers: AppIntro

    Android Library to make a cool intro for your app.Read more on GitHub:

  • [Open Source] YouTube Player Download

    [Open Source] YouTube Player

    This is a sample app for open source project YouTube Player Activity on GitHub: