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  • Wuzzit Trouble Download

    Wuzzit Trouble V1.2 APK

    The Wuzzits need your help! In Wuzzit Trouble, your job is to free the lovable..

  • Toca Blocks Download

    Toca Blocks V1.0.0 APK

    Welcome to the colorful universe of Toca Blocks, where your imagination is the architect! Toca..

  • Cat vs Dog Download

    Cat vs Dog V2.0.076 APK

    Dogs and cats have never gotten along, but in Cat vs Dog, that age-old rivalry..

  • Make-Up Me: Superstar Download

    Make-Up Me: Superstar V1.0 APK

    Hurray! Dear fashion lovers, here comes our “Make-Up Me: Superstar”, which is urgently looking for..

  • Magic School Download

    Magic School V1.3 APK

    Open Magic School and choose a character you like to start the game. After you..

  • My Boo Album Download

    My Boo Album V1.4 APK

    Each page of your album has its own story to tell. Can you unveil them..

  • My Town : Home Download

    My Town : Home V3.1 APK

    Think of this game as a one big, fully interactive doll house in which you..